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UConn Wireless

The university has free wireless for students, faculty and guests. The wireless is available in study lounges and various academic buildings.

For a list of residence halls that have access to UConn-Secure, please refer to the table on the right.

Wireless connections will need to be configured before you will be able to connect. See below for a link to UITS' connection guide for UConn-Secure.

Guest and Secure Wireless

  • UCONN-GUEST is a wireless network created to allow visitors to connect to the UConn network while on campus. Its connection speed is restricted and clients do not have access to Internal UConn Resources. To connect to the network, clients must request a login ID from the portal, which is then simultaneously sent to an email account from and delivered through text message to the users provided phone number. The guest will be granted internet access for seven days.

  • UCONN-SECURE offers faster speeds and greater security for anybody with a NetID. It is available anywhere UConn-Guest is available, and uses WPA2 encryption. Most wireless hardware manufactured in the last four years support WPA2. Windows XP users must install Service Pack 3 to connect to a WPA2 network. Configuration instructions are available:

Residence Hall Wireless Access

Currently, only the following residence halls have access to wireless access in every room:

  • Alumni
  • Buckley
  • Connecticut Commons
  • East
  • Hilltop: Hale & Ellsworth
  • Mansfield Apartments
  • McMahon
  • Northwood Apartments
  • Shippee
  • South
  • West

Students in these dorms will be able to access UConn-Public and UConn secure in their dorm rooms. All other residence halls have wireless access in study lounges only.

Updated August 2011