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Android Wireless OS 2.0+

This guide is meant to show users how to configure UCONN-SECURE wireless on your Android device. Any questions beyond this guide can be referred to HuskyTech.

  • This guide is known to work on Android OS v. 2.0, other previous versions may require additional steps beyond what is shown here..
  • Change your NetID password at from a wired connection.


  • If you have changed your NetID later than March 4, 2008 then you do not have to perform this step.
  • This will change your password for ALL applications that use NetID such as your Exchange/Huskymail account and HuskyCT
  1. Press "Menu" and then select "Settings". – See an example see it
  2. Select "Wireless & networks" – See an example see it
  3. Make sure "Wi-Fi" is checked (so that the radio signal is on) and then select "Wi-Fi settings." – See an example see it
  4. Select "UCONN-SECURE" under "Wi-Fi networks". – See an example see it
  5. Enter the following credentials as displayed in the image:
    1. EAP Method: PEAP
    2. Phase 2 authentication: None
    3. CA certificate: N/A
    4. Client certificate: N/A
    5. Identity: Your netID (i.e. abc12345)
    6. Anonymous identity: Leave blank
    7. Wireless password: Your netID/HuskyMail password
  6. Select "Connect" – See an example see it
  7. You should then be taken back to the screen with the available Wi-Fi networks, select UCONN-SECURE and select "Connect" – See an example see it
  8. Once you are connected the following screen should be displayed: – See an example see it

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